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Several chained dead dogs and marijuana found at Central Texas residence

mcgregorPolice found dead dogs and marijuana at a Central Texas home in McGregor after neighbors called in to report a foul odor coming from the home.

Normally I would write this up as a brief news report, but it was too heart breaking and it would give people the perception that this is the sort of stuff that marijuana causes people to do. Let me just say that people do a number of cruel, heartless and stupid things regardless of the substances they consume.

Upon arrival to the home officers found a dead dog chained to a tree. They then found the decaying remains of a dog in a trash can and as they moved around the outside of the house found several more dead dogs chained to trees. It doesn’t say how many dogs were found in total, but they did find two live dogs chained to trees as well.

Officers found bones in a field behind the house but it is unclear if the bones were human or animal.

Police obtained a warrant and searched the house where they found an undisclosed small amount of marijuana, scales, packaging material and plastic bags containing residue.

No one was living at the house but neighbors had seen several men coming and going. The water meter had been tampered with and the house was receiving water illegally.

Investigators plan to obtain arrest warrants charging animal cruelty, marijuana possession and theft.

People who consume cannabis are a diverse group of people, just as a diverse group of people consume alcohol and a number of other substances. As such the actions of these people are horrid and as an animal lover and cannabis activist I condemn them for their senseless cruelty and support their imprisonment for what they’ve done to these dogs.

A statement made by Clif Deuvall, the Executive Director of NORML of Waco, the marijuana advocacy non-profit group in the area, concerning the incident and its connection to cannabis reads, “It’s sad to say that all crimes where cannabis is found, it becomes the focus rather than the true crimes committed. While as always NORML is an educational non-profit trying to change laws, we do not encourage breaking them.”

By: Stephen Carter
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