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DFW NORML Election Profile: Dean Bortell – Public Information Officer

Dean Bortell is seeking election as DFW NORML’s Public Information Officer.

He has been active with DFW NORML for almost a year and this is his first time seeking election within the organization.

Bortell is a disabled military veteran and currently works as a software engineer.

He states “we have been working closely with DFW Norml as family advocates for our daughter Alexis who was recently featured on CBS 11. This has been totally voluntary but we have definitely changed some people’s mind by putting a face on the suffering that Texas’s draconian Cannabis laws are causing.”

When asked what makes him uniquely qualified for the position, he responded “There is an indisputable fact that there is no more motivated person on Earth than the parent of a sick child. I believe using Alexis’s story and ones like her’s we can push the case forward for cannabis law reform. Don’t be fooled, some people want cannabis law reform, we NEED it! DFW Norml’s mission isn’t an abstract idea to me, it is a necessity for my daughter’s life.”

He says that he spends his extra time working with DFW NORML because “I have a sick 9 year old girl named Alexis. She has intractable epilepsy which basically means that traditional medications have failed her. Through Norml we have met many other families in similar circumstances. The fact that epilepsy kills 50,000 people in this country annually is unsatisfactory. Add to that the fact cannabis is being proven to help treat it and we can’t get it because of our zip code and you have a real human tragedy. We will NEVER rest until all the patients and responsible adults in Texas have access to this God-given plant!”


Asked what he thinks DFW NORML could do to be more effective, he responded “I don’t have to tell anyone that this is a legislative year. I believe that DFW Norml needs to be focused on the current legislative process like a laser beam! The time for complaining about the laws and talking about them is over. It is time to put the considerable political power of our members and organization behind a unified message and take the fight straight to Austin. Only there can we truly bring about the changes we so desperately NEED. I hope that by taking our story public last week on CBS 11 that we as a family have shown the members we are willing to lead and hopefully inspired others in the process.”

He concluded by saying, “Alexis and I thank you for your hospitality and for welcoming us into your family. We don’t want this, WE NEED THIS. We won’t rest until Texas reforms these ridiculous laws that harm so many. It would be a privilege to serve you as your Public Information Officer.”

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