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13 ways DFW NORML helps to end marijuana prohibition in Texas

dfw normlWhen it comes to any political movement, it can often be tough to see progress, especially for those who don’t spend the majority of their time working within the movement.

On the outside looking in, marijuana reform is a tough nut to crack in Texas. Many view the organizations working to change the law in Texas as ineffective groups who “host parties, pose for photos and get high.”

This was a charge recently leveled at DFW NORML, one of the largest and most active cannabis reform organizations around.

Let’s examine that group’s actions and determine for ourselves just how active and effective this group’s efforts are.

Here are 13 things DFW NORML has done to help end prohibition here in Texas:

1. Last year, along with the help of NORML-affiliated attorneys, the group drafted a 30+ page medical marijuana bill for Texas. Had this bill found a sponsor, it would have been one of the most comprehensive pieces of legislation the state of Texas has ever considered on the topic of marijuana law reform.

2. Their members drove from DFW to Austin to lobby representatives and even testify on behalf of HB184 and HB594, two bills that would have been small victories for the Lone Star movement.

3. Back in June, the group hosted a historic drug policy conference in downtown Fort Worth for 2 full days, where experts in drug policy and activism discussed alternatives to prohibition and the benefits of the cannabis plant.

4. During August the group put on a major BBQ at the Dallas Veteran’s Affairs Hospital which fed a lot of veterans and helped spread awareness of their cause. They were very well received.

5. This November they will be hosting a poker tournament in order raise awareness of their group and fund-raise which will help them advertise even more to the community.

6. They’ve met with and interviewed multiple celebrities about the subject of marijuana legalization, including musicians, comedians and politicians. The group then makes these interviews available for free on YouTube. Last year, they had over 33,000 hours of video watched from their YouTube channel.

7. DFW NORML advertises the topic of marijuana law reform and legalization as often as possible to their more than 10,000 combined followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. This month they are taking out a full page ad in the Fort Worth Weekly to promote their organization and efforts in a mainstream fashion.

8. They host free, monthly meetings that are open to the public and feature patients, parents, medical professionals, attorneys, politicians, activists and other community leaders. These meetings empower their community to venture outside of the safety of their home to discuss legalization in a public forum and typically bring between 50-150 attendees every single month.

9. The group participates in as many community events as they can, setting up tables and sending out volunteers to educate Texans about their cause. Just this past weekend they had volunteers out at the Dallas Gay Pride Parade. They were at the St. Paddy’s Day Parade back in March and have been spotted all around the metroplex. This gives every day Texans like you and me the opportunity to put on a NORML shirt and go into the world with the sole mission of spreading the good word.

10. They partner with businesses and organizations that want to support the cause and give them a means to do so that also benefits them by hosting events, such as the Global Marijuana March, which they have participated in for over 5 years running.

dfw adopt a street11. DFW NORML performs community service and has recently adopted a highway where they will pick up trash and keep the community clean.

12. They interface with the local print and broadcast media as often as possible, to keep the topic as mainstream in DFW as it can be.

13. They’re currently working on a legalization bill for Texas for the next legislative session.

You can keep up with what’s going on in the Dallas/Fort Worth area by visiting their website.

Special thanks to Shaun McAlister, Director of DFW NORML, in helping to put this list together. If you’d like to make a donation to DFW NORML please do so at http://dfwnorml.myshopify.com/

By: Stephen Carter
Contact Stephen via email at TXCann@gmail.com

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