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DFW NORML’s For the Love of Hemp Hop 2014 Recap

DFW NORML’s first fundraiser for 2014 and 2nd annual Hip Hop show was booked for Friday, February 14th and cleverly named “For the Love of Hemp Hop”. Groups and performers were booked and it promised to be a good night.

Weeks leading up to the event, Executive Director, Shaun McAlister, posted on social media for all the local emcees to submit their best “smoking” music for a promotional CD we would put out at the event. We were FLOODED with some really great tracks, but only 20 could make it. It was a close call. The promo CD really helped create a buzz amongst the hip hop community itself. Out and about at different events, performers would tell me either a) they submitted a track and thank you or b) they didn’t make the deadline and were super bummed. I love how DFW NORML has become such a respected brand amongst the music community. Read more

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