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Drug dog attacks student during fake drug search

policedogHow would you feel if you got an emergency phone call from school that your child had been bitten by a police drug dog and is on the way to the hospital? Chances are, you’d be angry, horrified, worried, but most of all, you’d be wondering why a drug dog was near your child and why it bit him.

This scenario happened recently in Brazil, Indiana.

In what police say was an effort to teach fifth graders about drugs, it looked a lot more like it was a lesson in fear.

According to the report, the officer and his K-9 partner, Max, as well as another K-9 team were requested by Clay County Superior Court Judge J. Blaine Akers to carry out a simulated raid of a party with actors in place to help “educate the Clay County fifth-graders on drug awareness.”

Police chief Clint McQueen stated that a very small amount of illegal drugs were hidden on one of the juveniles to show how the dogs can find even the smallest trace of an illegal substance. He added all this was done “under exclusive control and supervision of members of the court and law enforcement.”

Understandably, children, especially those who aren’t regularly around dogs, can be nervous when one they don’t know comes up to sniff them. As the dog and his handler approached a boy, the fifth grader flinched and the dog attacked him, biting his leg and doing enough damage to send him to the hospital.

Just another casualty in the War on Drugs.

So what example was set here not only for the child who was bitten, but the rest of the kids as well? Perhaps, fear the police, especially those with dogs. Why not, given that an innocent boy was just attacked for no real reason.

It also makes you wonder about the training and use of these dogs. Should we as a society condone using these dogs to attack people? If we want to use dogs for their snout, that seems acceptable, but to train a dog to savagely attack people, we as a society should be drawing a line on that.

Why should we have to fear the police and their dogs, especially our children? We’re seeing innocent people being harmed by them every day. We’re seeing people who might be guilty of a victimless crime like drug possession being harmed by them. How is society better off by this?

The answer is simple, we are worse off for these tactics.

Teach children and adults alike the real information about drugs, not some concocted propaganda designed to instill fear and ignorance; we’ve proven that this doesn’t work.

As for the dog in this incident, he’s been taken off active duty pending a series of tests.

They didn’t say what drug was used, though on our minds we can’t help but wonder if it was cannabis. Being that the plant will soon be legalized across the country, it’s hard not to wonder how many people are going to be harassed over drug dogs still seeking out marijuana.

How did the mother of the child react though? I’m not afraid to show my distaste for her reported attitude on the incident. “(The mother) was very calm and polite,” the officer’s reported stated. “She asked me what had happened and I explained exactly as I have here in my report. She replied with ‘it’s OK, accidents happen.’ She stated that her son was very tough and everything would be fine.”

By: Stephen Carter
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