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El Paso holds its very first Global Marijuana March

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Marijuana marches in Texas are no longer just for Austin and Fort Worth. This year El Paso joined the fray and held a protest march of their own.

While planning by DFW NORML and Texas NORML for their respective marches had been in the works for months, El Paso NORML didn’t have that luxury.

Being the newest non-profit chapter on the block, the group scrambled to put together something for those in the western part of the state to participate in, and their efforts paid off.

Colt DeMorris, Executive Director of El Paso NORML put the number of participants at approximately 108. Not bad for less than a month of planning and only advertising the event on Facebook.

“We had all kinds of attendees that ranged from Medical Doctors, patients, democrats, republicans, libertairians, young, old… if you could imagine them, they were there” DeMorris said, all out to make the one mile trek, chanting “free the leaf” and “free the cure” as they marched down a major sidewalk. People drove past honking their horns in support. Even state troopers and ambulance drivers showed love for the group. There were also a few people who disapproved of the group’s actions.

Unlike the march in Fort Worth, where over 2,000 people showed and the media didn’t, local news was on the scene to cover El Paso’s march.

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Staying true to their own, they even had to move their after party venue. According to DeMorris, “our march ended at what was to be a fundraiser at a bar called SOHO. We were supposed to have bands and different kinds of artists but since SOHO Sports Pub didn’t want to allow one of our acts (hip hop artist, Bloodshot Bandits) we packed up, cleared the place out and moved to La Cruda 20 Bar, where we finished off our night with music and fun.”

By: Stephen Carter
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