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Flower Mound Republicans to host ‘Marijuana Meltdown’ event

Flower Mound Area Republican Club

The Flower Mound Area Republican Club will be hosting an event entitled “Marijuana: The Meltdown of our Country.”

While details about the event are scarce, the panel consists of several people who are opposed to marijuana legalization.

Heading up the panel is Denton County Sheriff William Travis.

Travis, who is running for re-election next year, has been an outspoken opponent of cannabis law reform, going so far as to testify at the state capitol earlier this year about what he says are the dangers of marijuana. Most notable however was his testimony during an Agriculture and Livestock Committee hearing on hemp legalization when he railed against marijuana and had to be reined in by a state legislator for going off-topic.

He also agreed to debate a pair of representatives from cannabis organizations in Texas while in San Antonio earlier this year, failing to make any factual points during the debate.

The panel also includes Flower Mound Police Chief Andy Kancel, County Court at Law No. 1 Juvenile Court Judge Kimberly McCary, and Winning the Fight founder Kathy O’Keefe.

O’Keefe’s son, Brett, died in their Flower Mound home from a drug overdose in 2010.

“We figured he was smoking pot but we didn’t have a clue about the heroin or harder drugs until the overdose,” she told the Dallas News. By that time, “we were in deep water.”

A year after that first overdose, O’Keefe’s son died due to a lethal mix of heroin and Xanax on March 20, 2010. He was 18.

The event takes place on Tuesday, November 17 at 7:00 pm, with a social hour beginning at 6:00, and will be held at 9 Social in Highland Village.

*Update – Facebook is showing that this event has been canceled, however it is still listed as happening on their website, which will coincide with their usual monthly meeting on the third Tuesday of each month.

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  1. rickyb
    November 7, 2015 at 8:39 pm

    I’ve heard from conservative leaders in my community when they say that cannabis use might lower their IQ by six points.!!

    Relax, it’s just another scare tactic from an alcohol industry attempting to protect their monopoly in the recreational drug market.

    My goodness, if you take six points from an alcoholic’s IQ, they’ll only have six points left.!!

    They’re not fooling anyone, least of all, the kids. Kids can only be conned for so long before credibility, not IQ, goes out the window.

    Check your sources.

  2. Peter Geller
    November 14, 2015 at 9:41 am

    Prohibition has never been about public safety. All you have to do is look at history. Prohibition creates the criminal black market, cartels, and the violence involved. Not to mention adulterated and more dangerous synthetic new drugs. It is all about racism, control and empire building. Prohibition should have no place in the 21st century.