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Fort Worth marijuana march to cost over $5,000, draw 5,000 people

Fort Worth Global Marijuana March 2015
A scene from the 2014 Global Marijuana March in Fort Worth.


As marijuana rallies in Texas grow, they also become more expensive. One of the largest chapters of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws resides in Texas, and their annual Global Marijuana March has become so successful that it has significantly risen in cost.

Headed into their third annual march in Fort Worth, DFW NORML expected the cost of a permit to be around $500 as it has been in past years. This year the permit will be $2,000.

The group expected about 300 people for their first march, and had about 500 people show. Planning for a bigger crowd the second year, the non-profit organization told the city that they were expecting about 500 people, but hoped that they would clear 1,000. After the dust had settled on their second march, over 2,000 people had attended according to police estimates.

This year the organizers believe they’ll have a record turnout and are hoping for 5,000. The increased success however has increased the cost of the permit.

In years past, the city had refused to have a sit down with the group to coordinate for the march. This year the city reached out to the group for a meeting with city officials and police officers. DFW NORML’s coordinators say the meeting was very positive, though they were somewhat stunned at the new price tag.

Now the group has scrapped plans to purchase billboards to advertise the event, and is instead focusing on raising money to ensure the march goes on.

Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018
Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018

In addition to the $2,000 permit fee, the group also has to pay an up front $2,000 damage deposit. They’ll also have to pay for portable toilets, which will run $950, along with an insurance policy at $850, rental of a venue for $400 where they’ll have speakers, and other costs such as sound at $275, as well as hotel rooms for some of their out of town speakers for $200. They’re also spending $300 on flyers to promote the event, along with $500 on booth spaces.

This does not take into account all of the hours that will have to be put in by the volunteers in order to make the event successful.

In total, the price tag for hosting such an event comes out to $5,475, plus the refundable $2,000 deposit should nothing be damage.

The group is requesting donations to help cover the costs and will also be raising money at their upcoming 4/20 event in Arlington.

Anyone and everyone and is invited to attend the 2015 Global Marijuana March in Fort Worth on May 2.

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