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Fort Worth real-estate broker runs for Texas Senate District 10

John TunmireFort Worth native John Tunmire, a disabled Vietnam veteran and real-estate broker, has filed to run for Texas Senate in District 10.

Tunmire, who was a software engineer prior to starting his own business, is a candidate in the Green Party. He places issues such as reduction of property taxes, legalization of hemp, a living wage, health care, open carry, and firearm education at the forefront of his campaign.

Texas Cannabis Report spoke with Tunmire about a series of issues pertaining to marijuana and his responses indicated that he is very open to reforming marijuana laws in Texas.

Making hemp legalization a priority in his campaign, Tunmire says that making hemp available for farmers is essential in ensuring land conservation. He also touts it as a renewable resource.

He is in support of reducing the possession penalty of less than an ounce of marijuana to a $25 fine, however he would prefer that the plant be fully legalized in Texas.

As a person who suffers from PTSD, Tunmire is in support of a medical marijuana program for Texans and believes that patients should be allowed to grow their own plants.

At the very least, he believes that patients who have a medical marijuana card from another state should be able to present that as a defense in court to jurors. Currently, those caught using marijuana in a medicinal capacity cannot tell jurors that they consume it for medical reasons.

Tunmire also believes that any person who has been convicted of a non-violent marijuana crime should be released from jail.

As for himself, he says that he does not use the THC version of marijuana, however he strongly supports other people’s right to fully use the plant.

For more information, visit his website at www.tunmire.info.

An interview with Tunmire wll air on the next Texas Cannabis Report podcast episode.

Election day is November 4, 2014.

By: Stephen Carter

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