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Four Aggie football players found in handicap spot with weed, two arrested

Isaiah Golden was one of two Texas A&M football players arrested this past weekend.

Two Texas A&M football players were arrested over the weekend after they and two other teammates were found parked illegally in a handicap spot with marijuana in the vehicle.

An officer patrolling the Reveille Ranch apartments around midnight in College Station heard shouting on the other side of the complex and went to investigate. The officer found a vehicle parked illegally in a handicap space and when he approached the vehicle, smelled marijuana.

With four people in the vehicle, all Texas A&M football players, he ordered them to stay in the car and called for backup.

The officer said the driver, 19-year-old Isaiah Demarcus Golden, ignored the orders and tried twice to get out of the car.

When another officer arrived, they found a Swisher Sweet package on the ground next to the driver’s door which contained marijuana. Police say Golden admitted to dropping the package.

Golden was arrested and charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana. He later posted $2,000 bond and was released.

Sitting in the passenger seat was 19-year-old linebacker Darian Wayne Claiborne who was charged with a noise violation after officers say he ignored orders to stop yelling and tried to interfere with the arrest. Claiborne reportedly complained that the cops were going to ruin his football career.

According to KHOU, Claiborne was arrested on drug charges in December. Also reported by KHOU was that the two passengers in the back seat, including a highly-recruited wide receiver, were let go.

The maximum penalty for misdemeanor possession of marijuana in Texas is 180 days in jail and a $2,000 fine.

Just last week a top TCU wide receiver was kicked off the Horned Frogs football team for possession of marijuana.

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