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High speed chase from Rockwall to Waco over marijuana

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A high speed chase that started in Rockwall County and ended north of Waco is likely due to the suspect having marijuana in his possession.

Jonathan Davis says that police attempted to pull him over because he was changing his music. Police did not say what traffic violation they attempted to pull him over for.

The chase ended after police deployed spike strips which took out two of his tires. A third tire was shot out by police.

A local news station in Waco, KCEN, found Davis handcuffed in the front of a police cruiser and was able to interview him.

When asked why he ran, Davis said he was tired of being arrested for weed and going to jail. When asked if he had any marijuana on him, he said that he always has weed on him.

“I’m done with people trying to take my freedom because I smoke weed, you drink, it’s 10 times worse” he is shown saying in raw video of the interview.

Jonathan Davis, KCEN
Jonathan Davis, KCEN

He says he was trying to get to San Antonio during the chase.

Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018
Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018

At one point in the interview Davis says that he cannot get a job “because of all my weed charges.”

Davis also said that driving fast is a thrill and that he is an adrenaline junkie.

The chase took place Thursday night and ended around 10:00 p.m. after Davis crashed his car into a barrier with three flat tires.

At times the speeds topped 100 mph during the hour long chase through five counties.

When asked what was going through his mind as all of the police cars and helicopter was chasing him, he laughed and said he was snap-chatting and instagramming, though there was no record of that happening on his account.

When asked what he wanted to say to everyone watching about why he did it, he said “I don’t like police. When they pull me over it’s never ‘let me see your license and registration’ it’s ‘sir get out of the car’ .”

The full raw video can be seen on KCEN’s Facebook page.

*Update: Davis was found in possession of both marijuana and a controlled substance.

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