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Houston marijuana event to be televised

Reforming Marijuana Laws Through Political Activism

A non-profit group in Houston dedicated to changing marijuana laws in Texas will have their event televised.

In what is likely a first, Houston NORML’s event entitled ‘Reforming Marijuana Laws Through Political Activism’ will be aired on public access television from 8:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

It will be aired on channel 17 for Comcast, 99 for AT&T U-verse, 75 for Phonoscope, 99 for Sudden Link, and 95 for TVMax. The event will also be live-streamed at HMSTV.org.

There will be a featured lineup of speakers tackling to subject of how to go about changing marijuana laws in Texas and what people can do to help make that happen. Afterwards there will be live music.

Guest speakers include:

Jason Miller – Executive Director of Houston NORML
Heather Fazio – Texas Political Director for Marijuana Policy Project
Navid Zanjani – President of Harris County Young Democrats
Zoe Russell – Assistant Executive Director for RAMP (Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition) and member of Houston Young Republicans
Elliott Scheirman – Secretary for Harris County Libertarian Party

Zanjani, Russell, and Scheirman will speak together on a political panel which will be moderated by Andrew Wagner who is the communications director for Houston NORML.

John Baucum, president of Houston Young Republicans was originally part of the speaking lineup but will be unable to attend because his father passed away.

Jason Miller, the executive director of Houston NORML, made a statement regarding Baucum, saying “our thoughts and prayers are with John and his family. We’re grateful that Zoe Russell is able to take his place as the Republican panelist”

The event is a joint effort between Houston NORML, Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), Houston Young Republicans (HYR), Harris County Young Democrats (HCYD), and the Harris County Libertarian Party (HCLP).

It will be held on Thursday, August 28 at Dan Electros Guitar Bar in Houston. Those interested in attending must purchase a ticket prior to the event on Houston NORML’s website. Tickets will cost $10 and includes food.

Miller is also excited about the event being televised, stating “We’re most excited that it will be livestreamed on HMSTV.org and recorded so other NORML chapters, Young Republicans, Young Democrats chapters, and activists from around Texas and across the country will be able to watch this event and hear from our great lineup of young activists.”

In regards to this being the first time such an event has been televised in Texas, Miller added “I think it speaks volumes about the level of interest people now have for this issue and the momentum we’re gaining.”

By: Stephen Carter

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