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Houston PD Chief: Texas moving towards marijuana acceptance

Houston Police Department has a new chief, and he thinks Texas will move on medical marijuana within the next few years.

Art Acevedo, who was formerly the chief of Austin Police Department, shared his opinions on radio station 90.1 KPFT’s Cultural Baggage program this past week.

“I think you’ll have a really spirited but well-informed discussion, and at some point I could really foresee, in the future, marijuana and some other oils being legalized for medicinal purposes; it will probably be the first step in Texas,” Acevedo said.

He also wants to implement a law-enforcement program he used in Austin which would round up street dealers and divert them into a program in exchange for dropping their charges.

The host of Cultural Baggage, Dean Becker, said that during the interview it seemed that Acevedo knew the drug war is not working out.

“He is ready for change,” Becker said. “He knows it has been a failure.”

Acevedo spent a decade as chief in Austin, and was well known for a wide variety of popular and unpopular stances and actions.

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  1. Dr. MBLandreth MBA PhD
    December 31, 2016 at 11:19 am

    It is time for Texans to stand together to end the war on cannabinol substances. We are a free people, we should be given the opportunity to treat our own children and selves with medicines, known to work. I am a shaman and a dr. I also have a masters in marketing and a PhD in research, I have seen the world from a different perspective than most of my generation, because I shunned, the Madison Ave nonsense after a very short time, totally disillusioned, I have just gone back to the basic necessities and have evolved past the trap set by technologies. Because I saw it years ago, I helped to develop many of the programs that have morphed into the things that have changed humanity, for better or worse? Weed, is the difference, weed is the reason, it makes many people quite a bit more intelligent, because it causes thoughts outside the box Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, created your world after getting stoned on the Best Weed I ever smoked, Maui Wowi, as you see I ramble and go off topic often, but I always get back to this point, Weed should be legal like and vegetation that grows. They can’t show any justification for the war on weed and the PEOPLE that choose to use it, in a free and open society.

  2. John Bruton Jr
    January 1, 2017 at 10:29 pm

    I heard that you are telling the truth. Now we need someone like you to run for Governor, but my guess is that you are smarter than that. Who needs the stress ?