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Hub City NORML featured in Lubbock news outlet

Earlier this month we brought you coverage of Hub City NORML, the new non-profit marijuana activist group getting off the ground in Lubbock.

The day before the group is set to put on their first major event, Fox 34 News ran coverage of the group.

They featured responses from director Colt Smith, member Paul Bullock, Terry Nelson who is a former federal agent now in support of legalizing cannabis and a member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, and Lubbock State Representative Charles Perry who made an odd statement, saying “so the idea that we just make it legal and makes everybody feel responsible with it doesn’t make sense to me, and what I see is an expansion of a market.”

Get more details about the group by visiting their website here.

By: Stephen Carter
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Stephen Carter

Stephen Carter is a 30 year old journalist and information technology specialist living in Waco, Texas. He has been working with the cannabis movement since 2009. He founded Texas Cannabis Report in 2013 to bring Texans accurate cannabis related news.

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