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Less Stoned Driving After Washington Pot Legalization

One dire consequence predicted by opponents of marijuana legalization in Washington State was that there would be “stoned mayhem on the freeways,” with drivers high on newly-legal pot wrecking their cars and endangering the public. An opposite, dire consequence predicted by marijuana aficionados who opposed Initiative 502 was that police would be “shooting hippie fish in a barrel” by using the new 5ng/mL per se driving under the influence of drugs statute to rack up DUID arrests of innocent unimpaired frequent tokers guilty only of always having at least 5ng of THC in their bloodstream.

While the data collection isn’t as precise as it should be, what we can surmise from the data is that neither the “stoned mayhem on the freeways” nor the “shooting hippie fish in a barrel” predictions came true. In fact, from all preliminary appearances, driving has gotten safer in Washington State following legalization of marijuana. Read more

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Stephen Carter

Stephen Carter is a journalist and information technology specialist living in Waco, Texas. He has been working with the cannabis movement since 2009. He founded Texas Cannabis Report in 2013 to bring Texans accurate cannabis related news.

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