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Letter: Beware the Cannabis Investment Predator

I know that cannabis and its various medical applications are becoming a booming industry in much of the country. In many states marijuana has been decriminalized, while in others, it is available for recreational use.

This simply isn’t the case in Texas; some would argue that cannabis simply isn’t a viable investment option, there aren’t any legal vehicles available for its use, other than for intractable epilepsy.

Much work needs to be done to get cannabis legalized in Texas, and to that end, all our efforts ought to be directed towards networking with those folks who have a deep seated conviction about its efficacy in treating various ailments.

I personally speak to decriminalization because we need to cease criminalizing our young. We are undermining the fabric of a shared culture in stigmatizing those we may one day be dependent on. It is imperative that we recognize our interdependence and work towards eliminating draconian drug laws that only engender hatred, particularly among minorities.

Please know that I speak for no business entity, nor do I endorse any business’ currently attempting to do business in Texas. I have become aware that a great deal of fraud is being committed by many soliciting investment monies from people who aren’t aware that Texas isn’t Colorado or Arizona. Please vet any overtures you receive to put your hard earned cash into a cannabis venture in Texas that offers no foreseeable returns. There appears to be a good deal of “smoke and mirrors” being offered by a group of predatory folk who simply want your cash.

Please vet any party you may be contemplating getting into the cannabis business with. Ask to see their financials, and vet the person you are dealing with. They may not be who they profess themselves to be – and should this be the case, it will be to your financial ruination.

Caveat emptor, (let the buyer beware).

Nick Novello

Nick is a 35 year veteran of law enforcement and is currently an active duty police officer with Dallas Police Department.

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  1. September 1, 2017 at 3:46 pm

    Wake up my fellow Texans!!!!!! We need to get Greg Abbott & his kind out of office!!!!!! 2022 is a life away if your a chronic pain/ kidney patient!!!!!! Looks like it’s going to be unless he is impeached!!!!! He made plain he doesn’t care about anyone but the special interest that bribe him !!! He bad to people like him ( disabled) seems to me someone in a wheel chair would have empathy for the sick / disabled!!!! It out rite crazy to allow tobacco- ALCHOL sales that we all know are poisonous /dangerous!!!!!! I wonder how much their suppliers paid him !!!!!!