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Letter to the Editor: We Are NORML People, Too…

NAC NORML Patients not Criminals

The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws was founded in the early 1970s to help combat the ever increasing “war on drugs” and further criminalization of regular every day citizens. They’ve kept this fight up since, doing their best to help educate the public and our government on the medicinal efficacy of cannabis and the utter failure that is cannabis prohibition.

Over the last 15 years, their efforts have brought major changes, about half of American states have passed some sort of medicinal cannabis law, including Texas’ terribly written CBD only bill.

Nacogdoches NORML is proud to be a part of this effort to bring safe and effective natural medicines to Texans whose doctors they could benefit from them. We work to help veterans seek relief from the pain they carry from serving their country. We are vocal on this issue because we know there are so many who cannot be. This does not mean that we are “lazy stoners who want to get high legally”. We are compassionate individuals who seek to help thousands of Texans achieve a better quality of life, as well as help our state’s economy grow! Our cause is no different than those that fight to maintain 2nd amendment rights or gain marriage equality. It is about liberty, first and foremost.

Most of the reasons given by opponents of legalization are actually symptoms of prohibition itself, rhetoric, or easily disproved propaganda. Many Texans support changing cannabis laws to some degree, and the numbers supporting flat out legalization have never been higher. Still, some Texans are indifferent on the issue because, they feel, it doesn’t concern them. I ask all of you to please do the research on the cost of prohibition, medicinal whole plant cannabis, industrial uses for cannabis, and the tax revenue Colorado has brought in through legalization. I feel we all know someone in Texas who could benefit from whole plant cannabis reform. In fact, I know some Texans who will die without it.

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