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Man finds 677 pounds of marijuana in cemetary

Jeep Grand Cherokee

A man was arrested on Monday after a border patrol agent noticed that he had a large bundle of marijuana in the front seat of his Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Agents arrested Enrique Munoz near Fronton and seized about 677 pounds of marijuana from the Jeep, according to a federal criminal complaint filed on Tuesday.

Asked why he had 677 pounds of marijuana, Munoz said he found 35 bundles lying in a local cemetery and impulsively decided to take them home, according to the criminal complaint.

Munoz has been charged with knowingly and intentionally possessing about 677 pounds of marijuana with intent to distribute.

He faces anywhere from five to 40 years in prison and a maximum $500,000 fine according to federal penalties. Texas law provides for a minimum two year sentence and a max of 20 years.

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