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Man indicted for stealing marijuana from Shelby County law enforcement offices

Roderrete McClure has been indicted for stealing drugs and guns from multiple Shelby County law enforcement offices.

A federal grand jury has indicted a Tenaha man who is accused of breaking into Shelby County law enforcement’s office and stealing drugs which were held in evidence on separate occasions in 2009 and 2010.

Roderrete Dewrayne McClure, 40, is already serving a three-year federal prison sentence for being a felon in possession of a firearm. That arrest came after McClure was being investigated for burglarizing the constable’s office.

The new indictment stems from a burglary of the constable’s office where he took and then distributed about 20 pounds of marijuana in the Dallas area. The second count comes from the burglary of the city marshal’s office where he took marijuana, cocaine and prescription drugs from the evidence room along with seven guns.

McClure and another man then ransacked the offices and left a Spanish-language document and a map of Texas indicating travel from Brownsville, Texas, to Tenaha, Texas, to make it appear that the burglary of the office was performed by members of a Mexican drug organization.

By: Stephen Carter
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