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Marijuana events in Texas for May 2016

The following is a list of all known marijuana related events happening in Texas for the month of May 2016.

A full list of events for the year can be found here and coverage of various events can be found here.

More events will be added as they are announced.

Interested in having your event listed? Contact us with a link to your event or a summary of it.

All submissions must be marijuana or hemp related.

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5/2 – Global Marijuana March Banner Drop in Dallas

5/3 – The Big Give San Antonio

5/3 – Legalizing Cannabis at the Galveston County Tea Party

5/3 – Denton NORML’s Women’s Drive!

5/4 – Global Marijuana March Banner Drop in Fort Worth

5/4 – DFW NORML Volunteer Training

5/4 – Texas NORML Meeting

5/5 – Corpus Christi Picket Sign Making Party

5/5 – PTSD and other Stress Disorders – Women Grow Dallas

5/7 – Global Marijuana March – San Antonio

Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018
Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018

5/7 – Global Marijuana March – Corpus Christi

5/7 – Global Marijuana March – Lubbock

5/7 – Amarillo Marijuana March

5/7 – Global Marijuana March of North Texas

5/7 – Global Marijuana March – El Paso

5/7 – Houston’s 2nd Annual Global Marijuana March

5/12 – Vicente Sederberg Texas Canna-Business Legal Seminar

5/14 – Texas NORML’s 9th Texas Marijuana March – #TMM2016

5/14 – Texas NORML Marijuana March Social

5/14 – Hub City NORML Meeting

5/16 – Criminal Jurisprudence Meeting – Asset Forfeiture

5/16 – Amarillo NORML Meeting

5/19 – NORML of Waco Meeting

5/21 – Nac NORML Meeting

5/21 – Hub City NORML Meeting

5/21 – ABNORML Art Festival Houston

5/25 – Amarillo NORML Social Hour

5/28 – DFW NORML Meeting

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