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Marijuana expo is coming to Fort Worth

Fort Worth is set to experience a wide-ranging conference on marijuana in early 2016.

The Southwest Cannabis Conference and Expo is set to take place the last weekend in February, and is expected to feature a number of formats on education, industry, law, medicine, and more.

Keynote events will include lectures from former NFL players Ricky Williams and Kyle Turley about cannabis and athletics. Other discussions will be held by the Texas A&M law school on the subject of Texas laws, women in cannabis industry, the various aspects of medical use including PTSD treatment, youth consumption, and industry issues.

This will be the second such conference, the first was held in Arizona by organizer Rory Mendoza.

Starting his career as a concert promoter, Mendoza first got into the cannabis industry as an investment opportunity. This lead to a career in cultivation and consultation in Arizona and Colorado. Last October, Rory pioneered a new type of cannabis expo.

After attending numerous expos across the country, Rory realized that all of these events were geared almost entirely towards the industry, and not for the general public. In order to fully appreciate the amenities provided at the events, an attendee needed to already be in the industry, or at least have a significant amount of research under their belt.

After an enormous success in Arizona, Mendoza kept getting suggestions to bring it to Texas. He says the main goal is to educate Texans. This includes everyone from local mom and pop entrepreneurs, to lawmakers, medical patients, and even children. He is also offering every elected official and law enforcement officer in Texas a free VIP pass, noting that it is extremely important that these people be educated on the matter.

Investors, policy makers, entrepreneurs, doctors from as as far as Israel, and experts of all kinds are expected to be in attendance.

After Texas, this expo will travel to Atlanta, Georgia and the goal is to have a 40 city tour by next year.

The conference will take place at the Fort Worth Convention Center on Feb. 27 and 28, and will cost $50 per day. The price increases to $100 per day after February 1.

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Reporting by: Andrew Graf
Editing by: Stephen Carter

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