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Marijuana has been mentioned in 1,730 pieces of state legislation this year

While Washington and Colorado work out how to regulate marijuana sales — as we reported this morning — at least 11 other states are considering legalizing it for recreational use, according to an analysis from Thomson Reuters’ WestlawNext.

Using marijuana for medicinal purposes is already legal in nearly half the country — 24 states and the District of Columbia — the analysis shows. Another 16 states have proposed legislation allowing it. Just 10 states have no proposals whatsoever to legalize pot for either use, and Idaho has passed a law making clear its opposition to legalization.

So far this year, marijuana has been mentioned in 1,730 pieces of legislation — a significant increase over the past four years relative to other drugs — according to WestlawNext. By comparison, cocaine got 723 mentions this year, peyote got 168 and hemp only got 117. (That’s all as of Sept. 22, 2013, and includes introduced, substituted and adopted versions of the same bill.) Read more

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