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Marijuana investment conference coming to Houston

MIC-horizontal-webMarijuana Investment Conferences (MIC) announced that its first conference will be held Monday, September 8, 2014, at the Westin Memorial City Hotel in Houston, Texas, to respond to the growing interest in investments in the legalized marijuana industry and the increasing demand for growth capital for legal businesses.

“We want to bring investors together with companies who will provide products and services that will be involved in the growing, harvesting and selling of legalized marijuana,” said Stuart Maudlin, CEO, Marijuana Investment Conferences. “Companies that provide accounting services, banking and payment processing, consultants, hydroponics and cultivation production, infused products and edibles providers, insurance, packaging, security systems, software, point-of-sale systems, testing and lab services should attend as well as growers and sellers.”

“This is the first of many multi-annual conferences with the focused goal of helping people take advantage of an early-stage investment and business sector. It’s similar to any technology start up pitch event—purely the business and financial side of the legalized marijuana industry,” Maudlin said.

Maudlin added that the Conference is not meant to make a statement about lobbying for the legalization of marijuana in Texas or to throw a “pot party”—since marijuana is illegal in Texas and won’t be allowed at the Conference.

The Huffington Post has reported that the legalized marijuana industry is projected to grow to 64 percent over 2013 to $2.34 billion in 2014. Some people in Colorado are expecting the marijuana industry to grow to $10 billion by 2018 in that state according to Vail Daily newspaper.

About Marijuana Investment Conferences

Whether you’re looking to invest in a legal marijuana-based business or get funding for your legal marijuana-based idea, the Marijuana Investment Conferences (MIC) brings entrepreneurs and investors together in one place. MIC is for serious businesses and investors who see the legal marijuana market as a viable and early-stage investment opportunity. The first conference will be held Monday, September 8, 2014, in Houston, Texas, and will feature networking opportunities and breakout sessions for companies to pitch their ideas and companies to investors. Please visit www.marijuanainvestmentconferences.com for more information.

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