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Marijuana stances separate panhandle and west Texas candidates

Incumbent Texas Sen. Kel Seliger believes that marijuana is a non-issue.
Incumbent Texas Sen. Kel Seliger believes that marijuana is a non-issue.

Two candidates vying for the Texas Senate District 31 seat have a lot in common, however they quickly diverge when it comes to their views on marijuana.

In a race which spans 37 counties from the panhandle to the permian basin, Republican Sen. Kel Seliger and Libertarian Steven Gibson of Midland both are running on a similar platform.

They support keeping taxes low, maintaining the second amendment, and securing the Texas-Mexico border.

On the subject of cannabis legalization though, Gibson has come out in complete support of marijuana and hemp.

“It’s a failure, just as prohibition was a failure, and we ought to treat marijuana just like alcohol,” he said.

“Especially medical marijuana needs to be legalized, because it’s the only thing that helps people with some diseases. We could save money on that and bring in more revenue.”


Seliger on the other hand completely opposes marijuana legalization in any form, citing concerns that marijuana is a gateway drug and making it legal comes with other issues, such as determining the level of use that would constitute impaired driving.

He also sees the issue as irrelevant.

“It’s kind of a non-issue, because it’s not going to come up in the next legislative session,” he said. “It’s just not going to happen.”

When the legislature convenes in 2015, a minimum of three marijuana-related bills are set to be introduced, including medical, recreational, and penalty reductions for possession.

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