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Marijuana supporters rally in Nacogdoches urging over 3,000 to honk for medical marijuana

A new organization in Nacogdoches has just made its first big splash by rallying for medical marijuana and generating a huge positive response from the community.

NAC NORML, a marijuana reform group which has submitted paperwork to become a non-profit, had been wanting to hold a rally to help raise awareness in their community for the need to reform marijuana laws and establish a medical marijuana program. On Wednesday they decided that the final Saturday of January would be the time do it.

NAC NORML vets for marijuana
Photo Credit: Libby Jo Rupprath

Activists with the organization spent Friday evening working on signs which would be taken downtown to a corner across from Stephen F. Austin State University.

About 20 people showed up on Saturday from noon until 2:00 p.m. to urge people to honk for medical marijuana in what marks the first protest for the city. The group counted about 3,500 honks in support, while very few people voiced opposition. Several students walked over to the group to find out what was going on.

NAC NORML Honk for Medical Marijuana
Photo Credit: Libby Jo Rupprath

Executive Director of the group, Jared Cates, said the event was very successful, saying “we reached a wide range of people from all walks of life and so many understood why what we are doing is so important. At one point, a patrol car was stopped at the light and I asked the officer through the bullhorn if he was tired of arresting people for possession, he shook his head no. I asked wouldn’t you rather arrest rapists and burglars and he nodded in agreement.”

Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018
Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018
NAC NORML Patients not Criminals
Photo Credit: Libby Jo Rupprath

If the town of about 33,000 people didn’t know who the group was, many of them do now. The event made the local paper as well, The Daily Sentinel.

The group plans to hold its first official meeting on Saturday, February 28 at Bullfrogs Sports Bar And Grill
located at 1507 North St.

There are plans to introduce a medical marijuana bill in the legislature this year, and a CBD-only bill has already been filed. Additionally, a penalty reduction bill for simple possession has been filed as well.

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