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McAllen cannabis bust leads to underground bunker

bunker holeIn investigation in McAllen, Texas led officers to find a bunker underneath a house after they seized 2,000 pounds of cannabis.

Two men were detained. When authorities moved in, a third man ran out of the back of the single-story home and managed to flee, police Chief Victor Rodriguez said.

Police found that the house’s foundation had been broken through and underground rooms had been dug out.

The house was declared structurally unsound because there was very little holding up the foundation and was condemned.

Authorities believe the rooms were used for the purposes of concealing the smell of the cannabis and to potentially hold people for human trafficking.

Bundles of the marijuana were removed from the home, each marked with a large Z, the mark of the Zetas drug cartel.

Source: http://www.themonitor.com/news/local/article_92cedda0-e411-11e2-8146-0019bb30f31a.html

By: Stephen Carter
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