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Medical marijuana in Texas gets free advertising during Super Bowl

Commercials are big money for the Super Bowl, and medical marijuana in Texas just got free advertisement.

While it wasn’t aired nationally, local news stations in Texas advertised upcoming news, and one of those stories involved a little 9-year-old girl who has recently become a huge face for the medical cannabis movement in the Lone Star State.

Her name is Alexis Bortell, and she’s already been a big hit, giving speeches, doing interviews with major media outlets, and even speaking with legislators about the need to enact a medical marijuana program for patients in need.

In particular, Bortell suffers from seizures, and conventional seizure medicine has not been successful at treating her. Medical marijuana on the other hand, has been demonstrated to help control and reduce seizure activity.

Bortell’s doctors have recommended medical marijuana to treat her illness, and while her parents have looked into cannabis as a treatment, they have not been willing to break the law to treat their little girl.

Her movement has been dubbed Team Alexis, and she has become a fresh face with a different perspective in a movement already well underway.

Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018
Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018

Texas legislators are already set to take up two cannabis-related bills which have already been filed, including a penalty reduction bill for small amounts of marijuana, and a CBD-only bill. A full medical marijuana bill is also on the way, and miss Bortell has been working hard, along with many others, to bring awareness of the need to pass legislation this session.

Nationally, 88 percent of Americans have polled in favor of medical marijuana.

Bortell’s story will be aired on various NBC affiliate networks in Texas on Thursday.

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