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A musical experience from Chronica 2013

chronica 2013I was honored when Shaun McAlister, DFW Norml’s Executive Director, asked me to lend a hand in organizing Chronica 2013. I know the people of Norml are some loyal folks and I believe in the cause, so I jumped right in without hesitation.

We secured Club Dada, a few bands ranging from hip hop, rock, punk and Reggae. It promised to be a musically entertaining night. Shaun handled sponsorship, we had a caterer, and even pressed CDs with all the night’s artists, plus a few special just-for-Norml tracks. I even had a dress made out of a XXL green Norml shirt I had bought.

Shaun asked that I arrive early so we could discuss my nomination as Director of Operations and Director of Marketing positions on the executive board, so night of, I showed up early. In normal fashion, the meeting started late, to the point where nominations were short and brief but at least announced. To be honest, I was TOTALLY nervous about this as I have just recently become ACTIVE in this group. Everyone was beyond welcoming and I felt like part of “the family” from moment one.

Deejay Mike B set up his video DJing equipment and a little after 6:30 the music started. Wrex Washington MC’ed the night, announcing bands and raffles. Todd Bot set up an easel to do live acrylic on canvas painting to raffle off at the end of the night.

Starting the show was -topic with a 15 minute set where he set the mood for the night with an energetic performance.

The Boxer’s Brain came on next and put on a show I wasn’t expecting. They had a full band with two ’emcees’ mixing hard in-your-face rock with a touch of southern country and a tad of hip hop; all-in-all a mixture that produced a fresh, energetic, crowd hyping group of musicians that I can’t wait to see again.

Next up was Panic Volcanic, easily one of Fort Worth’s favorite local acts. Ansley has soul like Janis and rocks harder than Joan Jett ever could on the mic. She’s also a really sweet lady, and I always enjoy having them in a line up.

Then Loyal Sally took the stage, which is The Boxer’s Brain minus one member, the “back up singer” taking lead this go round. Once again, they surprised the heck out of me. More of a rock/country blend, this group put on a fantastic show, hyping the crowd and getting them up close and personal to the stage.

Next was none other than Sally Majestic. This was my first time seeing Sally Majestic and now I see what all the buzz is about. Kind of a punk/ska mix, these guys had some tunes that everyone moving and one girl in front of me attempted to twerk. She got close….

Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018
Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018

Then the famous Effinays! Their reputation definitely preceded them, and I was excited to finally catch one of their shows! What a performance they put on!! Their band consists of two sax, a keyboard, drum, Bongos, a reggae singer, guitar and bass. Amazing. Absolutely amazing. They did an epic cover of Billy Jean plus some other covers and originals. Their drummer, Valenti “Funk” would play the drums with one hand while playing the keyboard with the other at times. There were bongo solos, sax solos, pure awesomeness exploding all over stage. I see why they won Dallas Observer’s “Best Live Act” in 2013.

Next up was Dielex Kemposed, a Fort Worth based hip hop group. They showed up complete with shirts printed specially for this event. DK is definitely one of the hardest grinding groups in the area, always with new tracks and merchandise available. They put on a flawless performance with Spewcataclism on the decks.

Last but not least, Loose Temper took the stage. They brought an entourage of about 10+ people, including some well dressed ladies. The lead singer reminded me of a mix between Lil Wayne and Wocka Flocka Flame. The music was definitely more main stream, or Little Wayne-ish, the crowd in attendance dug it enough to shout “one more song” which they were more than happy to oblige.

Jumping on stage one more time was -topic. This guy is working hard to put a name out there. I’ve heard of him recently, just added him on Facebook and see someone who has one goal – make music and put it in our hands. I’m definitely keeping my eye on this guy.

Deejay Mike B had a song/video selection PERFECT for this night. He continually impresses me at every show and I see why he is the go to guy in Dallas. He was also mindful of the set times and the fact we were late, helping us shave minutes where ever possible. A very professional DJ.

Meaty Cuts catered the event. As soon as they arrived I was hungry, it smelled amazing. I got a plate with smoked macaroni, BBQ chicken, vodka meatballs, fruit with a raspberry yogurt sauce; the meatballs by far my favorite. I suggest they call them “Amaze-balls” because that’s what they were. The rest of the food was absolutely amazing as well and I highly recommend Katrina and her team.

The guys and gals of Norml were very friendly and very welcoming. Club Dada had a great sound guy and good sound. Their bathrooms were always stocked. Somehow the guys’ line was always longer than the ladies’… weird. The bartenders were very nice and on their game. All in all a perfect event that went off without a hitch.

I’m very thankful to be a part of an amazing group of people who are not only intelligent, but passionate about their rights including the right to vote. I look forward to more of these events and becoming a regularly active member of this organization.

By: Callie Dee
Callie does reviews of local venues, music and more in the DFW area. Check her out on Callie Dee Presents.

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