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National marijuana advocacy organization visits San Antonio

San Antonio

A national marijuana reform group who has set its eyes on helping get cannabis legal in Texas visited San Antonio on Tuesday.

The group, Marijuana Policy Poject (MPP), has been behind several medical and legalization measures across the nation. Now they hope to have marijuana fully legal in Texas within five years, and possibly see medical marijuana be legalized in 2015, with a focus on at least getting the penalty for possession reduced.

Heather Fazio, a representative of the group, was on hand and was one of several who spoke with local news station KENS5, stating “a civil penalty bill is what we are trying to introduce which eliminates the jail time associate with small possession and also no criminal records.”

The group was invited by the Bexar County Libertarian Party.

Several people also remarked about their need for medical marijuana.

“So I have rheumatoid arthritis so I’ve heard people in other states have used it to treat pain like that,” said Cassie Villeal.

“I wasn’t supposed to live past the age of 17 and here I am almost 40 years old,” said Cristobal Abraham Salazar, who is a survivor of childhood cancer.

“It should be legal without it being stigmatized break that taboo that its bad,” said Salazar, adding “I feel tobacco and alcohol are worse and with all the other prescriptions no one has overdosed from marijuana.”

MPP leaders said approving medical marijuana in Texas would be a big deal here in Military City USA helping veterans dealing with PTSD. Right now, 13 states have approved marijuana as a treatment for post traumatic stress including the politically conservative Arizona.

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