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An Open Letter to Greg Abbott Concerning Healthcare

Gov. Greg Abbott,

I visited your website and several things popped out at me. You have noble sights for the future of Texas and its residents and I applaud them, but I must share my concerns as a Texan, brain cancer survivor, and logician.

Saying that you’re “Building a better Texas for future generations” is a farce if you’re unwilling to fight for the rights of the future generations of Texas, children like Alexis Bortell, and adults like veteran Arthur Mayer. You’ve had more than enough time to find a way to keep Texans here in Texas but have consistently failed session after session. Now these people have had to move elsewhere.

Your site declares that you “fight(s) for the principles of faith, family and freedom to make Texas a better place to live and raise a family” but as we’ve seen here, that has proven itself to be a failed promise for the most vulnerable in society: the diseased and their families.

At this point you have no justifiable reason why you’re turning Texas families into medical refugees and forcing children to flee your state under threat of being taken from their homes and having their parents thrown in jail. It’s not supposed to be about you Governor, but them. They are Texas’ future generations and you’re kicking them out….

Mishandling healthcare information which benefits the citizens of this state is gross negligence, and the lack of accurate legislation is legislating sorrow for any Texan who could benefit from whole-plant medicine. If you’re not for patients having access to evidence-based medicine then you’re against evidence-based medicine. Not doing is doing, not acting is an act in and of itself, or as Immanuel Kant would put it, “to ignore consequences is to act with ill intent.”

The reason I rightly lay the responsibility on you is because you’ve willfully assumed the position of being the ultimate authority in this state over its citizens’ and their health but your personal and clearly limited understanding is getting in the way of what should be data-driven legislation, legislature which would give me the individual liberty to choose, with my healthcare provider, what treatment options are most efficacious for my specific conditions.

You’re supposed to stand for limited government, yet you allow it to bully its way into my doctor’s office, tying my healthcare provider’s hands, keeping me from my freedom of right to life. It is my constitutional right to keep myself alive (life) having the freedom to do so with no harm to others (liberty) and to (pursue Happiness) by ensuring a reasonable quality of life for myself and not be a burden on friends, family, or society.

You claim you’re “Preserving Texas as the land of liberty and freedom” but what is liberty without the right to medical freedom and liberty to pursue the best said course to wholeness?

Benjamin Rush said that, “the Constitution of the Republic should make a Special privilege for medical freedoms” because “the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing and deny equal privileges to others.” This is what’s happening to your people right here in Texas, under your watch.

You say that you’ll “safeguard Texas values” but what are Texas values to you? Do they include authenticity, rationality, excellence, compassion, individuality, and the ethical imperative to do good and not harm?

“DNA Rights”

“Build a better Texas, We the People Plan: DNA Rights: The rights to life, liberty, and property are all intrinsically connected to an individual’s rights in his or her own genetic material.”

Your word choice is interesting. “DNA,” and “genetics,” as well as “rights to life,” because that’s what I’m asking for; the freedom to best handle my genetic and rare disease, Lynch syndrome, a familial cancer syndrome, from which my father died and his father died.

I agree with John Locke who, as you know, wrote in Two Treatises on Government:

“[E]very Man has a Property in his own Person. This [nobody] has any Right to but himself. The Labour of his Body, and the Work of his Hands, we may say, are properly his.”

Immanuel Kant endorses the law of equal freedom, that everyone should have maximum freedom to pursue happiness consistent with the like freedom of everyone else, which would include those in other states. Ought we not be the leader among them? Or will we remain a coward amidst them?

You say you “know the power of the individual, what liberty means to the voters.” Yet you deprive patients of their power by hindering access to all forms of therapeutically viable options.

Clearly you cannot say that you’re “Championing the conservative values and religious liberties that define Texans” while you’re standing in opposition to liberty-loving Texans.

“Bicentennial blueprint”

You say “The course of action we take today will directly affect the Texas of tomorrow. The Texas that our children will inherit depends on what we do right now.”

And I couldn’t agree more, but I don’t believe that you actually take it to heart… because if you did, you wouldn’t restrict access to life-saving medication from Texas children to the point where they have to pick up their entire lives and join the diaspora of other Texas victims of your mis-educated position.

You boast that “Texas consistently leads the pack among the 50 states. But the goal is to stay on top for decades to come (Except healthcare and technology). And Texans have the values and ethics to do it (Except compassion and excellence). The Bicentennial Blueprint will help Texas realize an even greater potential for all Texans (All except those who need better medical care than Texas can or is willing to provide).”

You claim that “Legalizing drugs would encourage drug use, which affects every sector of society, straining our economy, our health care and criminal justice systems, and endangering the lives of future generations.”

This is a societal-moral argument that when applied consistently actually levels your position… If a substance shouldn’t be accessible because a certain minority of the population could be negatively affected, then conversely, if a certain portion of a population would be positively affected by access to the substance, then it should be available. If the criteria is going to be assessed in a harm-to-benefit manner then sure, it can be inaccessible to some, but must be accessible to others… it’s fallacious to not allow so.

Before signing House Bill 339 you stressed that the new law doesn’t give any ground to broader marijuana legalization efforts and the CBD compound doesn’t produce a high, concluding that the new law will “provide healing and hope for children that are afflicted by unrelenting seizures caused by epilepsy.”

Why did you agree with House Bill 339? Was it not because of the non-anecdotal medical evidence and Texas values like empathy and compassion? Why then would you bullishly stop at only a single compound? It not only shows the lack of knowledge on the matter of synergy, but also a lack of sympathy towards those who must have whole-plant medicine.

Getting Personal

You, being in the position you hold, are a pivotal player who stands between the well-being or demise of countless fellow Texans. You’ve been privileged to hold the position you do because I believe God see’s your presence as necessary in this historic time.

Cannabinoids (medical marijuana) for the prevention and treatment of diseases is coming out of the closet, all you can do now is hold it back making people suffer more or help those whose lives you hold by moving it forward and being a blessing to all of those who are looking to you for justice.

You won’t be a hypocrite for giving whole-plant access to those who truly need it, but you surely will be if you choose to deny the data and side with “tradition.” Like Jesus, be conservative, but liberal in your conservatism… Be not a Pharisee, let us stretch out our hands. (Mark 3:4-5)

Sincerely, it would honestly baffle me and send me to tears and righteous indignation if at the end of this session Texans have anything less than “whole-plant” medicine available to them as other Americans in other zip codes with the exact same treatable conditions.

Your name will be at the head of this and it will be one of those remembered when children get to play with their fathers instead of burying them and mothers with daughters instead of eulogizing over the life that was and could have been. God through you is our hope… please don’t let us down and thank you for taking your time to review my testimony as a first-hand victim of disease, God bless…

By: Cody Guy
Dallas, Texas

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    August 8, 2017 at 6:32 pm

    This was heart felt 100 percent true we will see what Abbot does I want to believe that he wants the best for Texans but evidence on his part speaks different I truly hope Gregg Abbot will help all of us Texans his true colors will show we will see if he refuses to sign another Bill on our behalf I pray he will not get re elected it’s up to us Texans for Gregg abbots fate as govenor remember that

  2. J
    August 9, 2017 at 9:22 am

    I thought this letter was heart felt and well crafted. I would like to think it would have an impact but Texas residents have poured out their heart to Abbot in person while holding up the pictures of their loved ones who are suffering. If that does not move you on the issue then nothing will. We will get access to the medicine we need only when it’s financially palatable to our “representatives”.

  3. Janis
    August 9, 2017 at 3:20 pm

    Excellent letter to Gov Abbott! I couldn’t have said it better. I am a chronic pain patient getting very tired of taking a narcotic for pain with the resulting side effects plus less efficacy. I fully support the use of medical use for cannabis and so much want to be able to have the right and the opportunity to try this. It’s not right nor fair to allow some Americans to have the right and access but not for others. Not everyone can pick up and move to another state.

  4. James A
    August 10, 2017 at 10:53 am

    Gov Abbott I vote! I can and will vote for someone else who will legalize Marijuana in Texas if you don’t. That plain. That simple. As the comedian Ron White says “You can’t fix STUPID”! Stupid is making Texans go and or move out of state to get medicine which is what Marijuana is. Not only are we losing good people but tax money too! One report I read said Colorado was making 40% of its total Marijuana revenue from Texas residents! I am NO ROCKET SCIENTIST but…how stupid is THAT???