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Over 100 turn out in Corpus Christi to support marijuana law reform including local news

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Momentum is growing for the creation of the Corpus Christi chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).

A “meet and greet” event was hosted at the House of Rock on January 22, which was intended as a form of “market test” in order to determine the level of interest by people in the city for the creation of a Corpus Christi NORML chapter, and as a way to hear the views and desires of the community for Marijuana law reform.

With little more than two weeks promotion by way of the internet, and delivering fliers, a large degree of support for the reform of marijuana laws has been made evident by the community.

The event, hosted on a night which is typically one of the slowest nights of the week for a music venue, saw the appearance of two television stations (channel 3 and channel 6), and over 100 people in attendance.

There is also a large amount of support being shown by the music community as well, and those who attended the event were treated to a variety of musical style performances.

Artists included Mathias Isassi, Highbred Roots, St8 Out Da House Ent., Superior Don Dota, and TMB. Unfortunately, local Hip Hop band Darkstreet did not perform because the event ended before they made it to the stage.

The event was hosted by a local Hip Hop community favorite “Xp.” Xp is well known within the Hip Hop community as a host of many of the ”Battle Rap” and Rap/Hip Hop events. He is also known along with Michael White for giving the local Hip Hop community a boost by introducing Hip Hop events at Tweety’s Sports Bar and Grill in 2009.

Kyle Hoelscher, the Executive Director of NORML Corpus Christi, after conducting interviews with Channel 3 and Channel 6, made a brief introduction and explained the mission of NORML in Corpus Christi. He then introduced the board members, including Victor Reyes, Ramon Esparza, and Jesse Sandoval along with the board officers, Mathew Stuesser (Deputy Executive Director), Eric Calvert (Communications Director), Mariella Sonam Perez (Co-Communications Director), Joe Franco (Treasurer) and Angelica Corona (Secretary).

During the event Kyle Hoelscher also held a “Question and Answer” session with the attendees in order to reach a better understanding of the community’s desires concerning marijuana law reform. The questions were primarily devoted to the medical aspects of cannabis and what can be done to educate the public concerning its medical properties, along with understanding industrial hemp’s many uses.

Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018
Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018

Also shown was a great deal of concern for the current amount of arrests of those possessing marijuana and how its use can be decriminalized and eventually legalized in the state of Texas. The audience was reminded of a jury member’s right (and duty) to vote “not guilty” in all cases pertaining to marijuana possession.

Overall, given that the nature of the event was intended simply as a “meet and greet,” and the small amount of promotion devoted to it, the organizers feel that the event was a great success and that its success shows a great deal of interest by the community for getting involved in changing marijuana laws. The success of the event has inspired the organizers to a higher level of devotion to the cause of creating and operating the Corpus Christi chapter of NORML and we all look forward with excitement towards the next steps of officially creating NORML Corpus Christi (NORML-CC).

The next steps will be finalizing the by-laws and the creation of an “organizational chart.” After doing so we will submit our application to become a chapter, and interview with the Communications Director of the national chapter of NORML. If our application is accepted and our interview is successful we will be approved to file the papers with the state of Texas as a non-profit organization and be sanctioned to conduct business as NORML Corpus Christi.

Once we are sanctioned we plan to hold meetings every second Wednesday of the month at the House of Rock, which is located at 511 Star St.

Events held at the House of Rock will include guest speakers who are knowledgeable about the laws and science surrounding marijuana. We will also feature entertainment and community building events which will be designed to bring activists closer together and help raise the necessary funds to pay the costs of doing business.

The success of any cause greatly depends on the level of support from its community, and we need everyone to get involved and help change the law, and most importantly of all, stop arresting people for marijuana.

The newly elected officers and board members would like to thank you for your support, we are here for the duration of this fight to legalize medical and recreational marijuana and promote the scientific research of marijuana and industrial hemp. We all understand that the road to full legalization may be a long one with many steps along the way but we are devoted for the long haul, and we will help lead the way in reforming marijuana laws in Texas. Success is only a matter of time.

For more information please contact Mathew Stuesser at mathewstuesser@gmail.com.

The group has created a Facebook page where information will be posted as well.

By: Mathew Stuesser
Deputy Executive Director (elect) NORML-CC

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  1. January 26, 2014 at 2:21 am

    I can see why there would be a # of marijuana supporters out to help the cause. Texas and the southern states are going to be interesting to follow. I hear Florida is on the ballot in Nov.

  2. January 26, 2014 at 2:29 pm

    Good job Corpus Christi