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Over two-thirds of doctors support medical marijuana

cannabis stock photoA recently released survey shows that not only do a strong majority of doctors support medical marijuana, but more of them than consumers themselves believe it should be legal.

The survey of more than 1,500 doctors and nearly 3,000 consumers found that 69 percent of doctors said medical marijuana can help with certain conditions and treatments while 52 percent of consumers expressed that same belief.

Among doctors, 67 percent said they believe medical marijuana should be a treatment option for patients. Total support for nationwide legalization by doctors stands at 56 percent.

A recent CNN-ORC poll puts national support for medical marijuana legalization at 80 percent, with only 10 percent in opposition.

Support for medical marijuana was highest among cancer specialists and blood disorder specialists. For those two groups, 82 percent said marijuana can provide real benefits to patients and and they support legalizing medical cannabis.

“Despite more than 20 years of anecdotal evidence about the medicinal effects of marijuana, doctors and consumers remain in search of answers,” Dr. Michael Smith, WebMD’s chief medical editor, said in a company news release.

“The findings of our consumer-physician survey indicate the medical community’s support for the use of marijuana as a treatment option, particularly among clinical specialties that have pioneered research,” Smith said.

“Yet these survey data suggest additional studies will inform decision-makers’ confidence in where medical marijuana can help and where it might not,” he added.

Concerning full legalization for recreational consumption, support from doctors registered at 53 percent.

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