Marijuana in pregnancy remains taboo — but does the science justify mothers getting felony convictions for a few puffs? When I was pregnant with my first child (an unplanned pregnancy), one of my first questions for the doctor was: “Could smoking marijuana before I knew I was pregnant have harmed

A Texas Department of Public Safety trooper who opened fire from a helicopter on a fleeing pickup carrying what he thought was a drug load near the US-Mexico border, killing two Guatemalan immigrants, will not face criminal charges. A grand jury in Edinburg declined Tuesday to indict him in the

A pair of now ex-Baylor students who were arrested earlier this year have been indicted by a grand jury for possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver Psilocin, the hallucinogenic compound in mushrooms.

An entertaining news piece over at the Dallas Observer tells a tale of how not to avoid getting arrested for pot. As it turns out, hot-boxing your car while driving past a pair of officers at 3 a.m. in the morning who are outside of their vehicle is not a

A recent meetup in El Paso to get a NORML chapter off the ground and discuss the merits of cannabis legalization was a success as many turned out in support of the notion. The event garnered positive news coverage as well.

With cannabis fully legalized in two states, gearing up for legalization in another 10 or so, and medically available in 20, we must remember our grassroots and not forget about the people who got us here. While Colorado and Washington put together unreasonable regulations to soothe unfounded fears by uninformed

Police in Rosenburg, a suburb of Houston, found 562 pounds of cannabis a boat during a traffic stop.

It started with chronic insomnia. Alice, my 91 year old mother in law is generally willing to try new things, especially if she has hope that it will help with a problem. She was tired of sleeping pills and the side effect of grogginess. Read more

If I had a dollar for every article I’ve seen talking about ‘fill in the blank celebrity’ getting caught on camera smoking marijuana or leaving a dispensary, I would have enough money to run marijuana legalization initiatives in multiple states. I know a lot of people love reading these types

Drug warriors have long tried to smear marijuana as a dangerous scourge, seeking to criminalize possession of a leaf they clearly do not understand. The key to comprehending its effects is by better grasping our physiology. Read more

Do shrinking state and federal budgets spell an end to the DEA’s longstanding crop eradication efforts? Newly released data from the agency indicates that the answer may be yes. Read more

Calling all tokers, poker players and anyone interested in getting their business, organization, or band promoted in the cannabis community. DFW NORML will be hosting a Toker Poker Tournament.

Friday, September 6, 2013 marks the 25-year anniversary of an administrative ruling which determined that cannabis possesses accepted medical utility and ought to be reclassified accordingly under federal law. Read more

With the forthcoming legalization of marijuana in Colorado, entrepreneurs and researchers finally have the opportunity to do more with cannabis than has been achieved before. Read more