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Police find 20,000 marijuana plants north of Houston

Law enforcement officials are finding more and more major marijuana growing operations in Texas lately. A bust of about 20,000 plants in Conroe, a town 30 miles north of Houston, is slightly larger than the 18,000 they found in Central Texas earlier this year. Another 3,500 was confiscated in Washington county and yesterday 5,700 were found.

Police estimate the plants to be worth about $10 million. They plan to cut them all down and have them burned. It is likely that a drug cartel had somewhat similar plans.

No arrests were made and the property owners said they were unaware of the operation.

Police say there was evidence of people living there, such as cots, water pumps and a generator. The area was put under surveillance for a week but no one returned.

Sgt. Dorcy Riddle with the Conroe Police Department stated that the plants were discovered during a routine drug investigation.

By: Stephen Carter
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