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Preparing for governor race, Davis and Abbott secretive about marijuana stances

david abbottWithout having even made it through the primaries, we are pretty certain of who our Texas gubernatorial candidates will be, but what we aren’t certain of are their stances on marijuana.

With major press coverage of the issue and a majority of Texans supporting legalization of marijuana and a super majority supporting medical marijuana, both Wendy Davis and Greg Abbott have refused to reveal their stance on the issue.

Dallas Morning News writer Rodger Jones has twice contacted both campaigns for a statement but has received no response.

We could very well see both of them dodge the issue, at least until after the primaries, and perhaps throughout the entire election if activists don’t press them on the matter.

Either way, it demonstrates sort of a lack of leadership on both of their parts by not having the courage to lead on an issue in which a clear majority supports, an issue which harms people needlessly on a daily basis and denies many access to much needed medicine.

Every day that marijuana is illegal in Texas it harms the economy as well.

What is surprising is that Rick Perry has chimed in on the topic somewhat, saying that he’d rather put cannabis offenders in rehab rather than jail, which isn’t much better, but at least it’s something.

When new marijuana legislation is presented to the state legislature in 2015, we need to know how the candidates are going to react.

While the chances of election are very slim, at least we know that whoever the Libertarian Party candidate may be, they will oppose the criminalization of marijuana.

The bigger disappointment may be a lack of choice in candidates.


According to a letter sent by Abbott to an activist in Texas concerning the subject of marijuana which was obtained earlier today, Abbott “supports current drug policy” and states “the best methods of combating this problem include a combination of medical treatment and criminal enforcement.”

By: Stephen Carter
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1 Comment

  1. Ian Santorella
    February 5, 2014 at 2:14 pm

    Democrats and Republicans are slaves to corporate America. Big pharma is who they answer to because we have become so passive in holding our politicians accountable. Abbott clearly has no understanding of marijuana and his views are ignorant and disappointing. What happened to our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Anyone who is not supportive of legalization, taxation and regulation of marijuana is for strengthening gangs and making our children more vulnerable to violence and drug abuse. I thought Texas was about encouraging business and fiscal responsibility. But sadly, that is not the case. Abbott, I guess based on your beliefs, we should ban caffeine, video games, potato chips, and sex. Because all of those can become addictive and if abused can cause more harm than marijuana. People of Texas, wake up and vote Libertarian or you may be voting for a candidate who is more concerned about supporting tyranny and criminal enterprise than honoring our rights and honoring the will of the people.