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Pro-marijuana reform candidate runs for Texas Senate special election in pandhandle

Kerry McKennon

Running for the open Texas Senate seat District 28, Libertarian Party candidate Kerry McKennon successfully made the ballot this past week for the September 9 special election which encompasses much of northwest Texas.

The Petersburg native has already received coverage from My Fox Lubbock about his campaign. Texas Cannabis Report spoke with McKennon as well to ask him about his stances concerning cannabis law reform.

His campaign website lists marijuana and hemp legalization as priority issues for his campaign, along with constitutional open carry, education overhaul, migrant worker guest visas, equal rights for all, as well as property and water rights.

“I fully support legalizing hemp for agricultural use” McKennon stated. “Hemp is a cash crop which is drought resistant with a wide range of uses. Hemp will add to the crops farmers produce and add to our manufacturing of goods. That means more jobs for Texans”

While McKennon would support penalty reductions for marijuana possession, he would prefer to see the plant legalized both medically and for recreational use. He also supports giving patients the ability to use their consumption of marijuana as an affirmative defense in court. Currently defendants cannot tell jurors that they consume marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018
Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018

He also supports releasing all non-violent marijuana offenders from jail.

“I will introduce bills to legalize medical marijuana, recreational marijuana and industrial hemp in my first session,” McKennon said. “I will work closely with advocates to make sure that we get the bill written correctly. I will introduce decriminalization bills to deal with those in prison and those after legalization bills are passed. No one should be in a cage, because of a plant. No one should be denied the medical treatment or cure of their choice.”

McKennon says that while he does not personally consume cannabis, he believes individuals have the right to choose what they consume.

He faces five opponents in the upcoming election, including Republicans Charles Perry, Jodey Arrington, E.M. Garza, and Delwin Jones, and Democrat Greg Wortham.

By: Stephen Carter

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