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Rally to be held in Nacogdoches for marijuana this weekend

Nacogdoches NORML held a rally to reform marijuana laws in Texas back in February.
Nacogdoches NORML held a rally to reform marijuana laws in Texas back in February.

Residents of Nacogdoches will be holding a marijuana rally this coming weekend after an encouraging rally was held back in February.

Nacogdoches NORML, a sub-chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, recently became a non-profit earlier this year, and since then have held several events, even going so far as to volunteer for the Special Olympics.

Organizers say that a rally in February where they encouraged people to “honk for medical marijuana” was warmly received by drivers, residents, and students from Stephen F. Austin State University.

The group’s executive director Jared Cates said of the last rally “at one point, a patrol car was stopped at the light and I asked the officer through the bullhorn if he was tired of arresting people for possession, he shook his head no. I asked wouldn’t you rather arrest rapists and burglars and he nodded in agreement.”

NAC NORML vets for marijuana
A veteran in attendance at the rally in Nacogdoches last month.

The group plans to return to the same corner across the street from the university on North St. and College St. to hold a second rally on Saturday, March 28 from noon to 3:00 p.m. before later having their monthly meeting at Bullfrog’s.

Earlier on Saturday morning members of Nacogdoches NORML plan to attend the Journey to a Cure 5k.

Kandi Street, a board member, says that she would “love to see a boost in public local support” due to the rally.

“After our first protest, we were completely blown away by the positive outpouring of support by the community from the privacy of their vehicle and even walk-ups,” Street stated. “We are more than just a local chapter targeting a few people, we genuinely want to change laws for every person in Texas and nationally.”

Dallas/Fort Worth based attorney David Sloane and a group of people from DFW NORML are expected to make their way to the rally and will be bringing both the 420 Truth Car and the Cannavan to participate as well.

Sloane will be a guest speaker at the meeting later in the day, which begins at 4:20 p.m.

For more information about the event, click here.

By: Stephen Carter

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