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Second-hand marijuana smoke can cause a failed drug test

school-drug-testingA new study says it is possible to fail a drug test just by inhaling second-hand marijuana smoke, however it’s still probable that in most cases you’ll still pass.

The study took participants and paired them with a marijuana smoker in a sealed, poorly ventilated room. Three rounds were administered, with the potency of the cannabis consumed going up for the second and third rounds.

Results show that depending on the level of testing, the non-consumers of cannabis could test positive for THC, the active ingredient which drug tests are looking for.

“No presumptive positives occurred for non-smokers at 100 and 75 ng/mL; a single positive occurred at 50 ng/mL; and multiple positives occurred at 20 ng/mL” the study states. Most drug tests are for 50 ng/mL or higher.

Concentration levels increased when marijuana with higher potency was consumed, however ventilation was the primary factor.

The study concludes, “these results demonstrate that extreme cannabis smoke exposure can produce positive urine tests at commonly utilized cutoff concentrations. However, positive tests are likely to be rare, limited to the hours immediately post-exposure, and occur only under environmental circumstances where exposure is obvious.”

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