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Second large marijuana crop found near previous site of 100,000 plants in Texas

Photo By Montgomery County Police Reporter
Photo By Montgomery County Police Reporter

For the second time within a month, authorities in Polk County, Texas are uprooting a large scale marijuana growing operation.

They don’t believe this second field, which contains 6,000 plants, is related to the previous find of over 100,000 plants. However yet again, this field was discovered by a deer hunter who was preparing for the upcoming season.

The plants were discovered Tuesday night, and officials began investigating the scene on Wednesday.

A hunter found a field full of cannabis plants back on July 26, which contained about 40,000 plants in various stages. As police searched the area, a total of 29 fields were found and just over 100,000 plants were recovered and uprooted by county inmates. That operation was valued at $175 million.

Corey Mendes, who is with a group called Southeast Texas NORML, a group seeking to become a local chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, told Texas Cannabis Report “we do not condone grow operations such as the one recently found in Polk County. We support an individuals right to grow for personal use and for new business opportunities similar to Colorado but this looks like drug cartel operation and that’s exactly what we don’t want in Texas.”

Mendes went on to add, “by legalizing cannabis certain regulations will be set in place so consumers know they are getting quality cannabis that’s been inspected for your health and no pesticides or poisonous chemicals were used unlike the Polk fields. These grow-ops are in an uncontrolled environment and steal from land owners as well as our natural resources. By regulating through legalization we ensure consumers obtain their marijuana from licensed professionals while the money goes back to Texas and not to Mexican drug cartels. Legalization is the only way to stop the foothold the cartels have in Texas.”

Southeast Texas NORML has filed paperwork with the State of Texas to become an official non-profit organization, which will advocate for reforming marijuana laws.

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