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Secrets To Live Video Streaming for Cannabis Marketing

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Most cannabis companies and head shop owners agree the best way to win a customer is get them in the store (or on the website) for a firsthand experience and spend their first dollar. Communication is changing today and even though we are more connected as a society, we are less connected as a people.

Text messaging and impersonal quick chats are preferred to actual phone calls. We would rather do research on our own and never talk to a person until we are 100 percent ready.

One way marijuana business owners can address this change is by using videos, and specifically, live video streams, to communicate in “almost face-to-face” real time, with current and future customers.

Platforms such as Blab.im, Periscope, Meerkat, Facebook Mentions, and YouTube Hangouts can all be used to extend a business’s reach (in real time) and talk and share in a very non-threatening way to people that don’t want to be face to face with you yet.

Here are a few highlights from my 3 favorite live video streaming apps.


This is a newcomer to the video streaming world and was developed out of frustration for not having a simple to use platform that looked awesome and had the functions the founders wanted.

Blab seems to be the one video chat and streaming platform created with the user in mind. Everything is right there on your screen when you broadcast from desktop with a chat bar in the right hand side and other controls, including recording, on the left.

Up to 4 people can be live streaming in the window at the same time and the other viewers can chat it up in the sidebar.

It might be premature to say this will be the best but you should definitely create an account and see how you can use this live video streaming for cannabis marketing.


Built to shoot live videos from your cell phone or iPad, Periscope has some cool ways to gamify their platform like hearts and swipes.

It’s easy to launch a ‘Scope inside the app on a phone with a simple title and go live.

Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018
Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018

Periscope is made to shoot vertical videos and that’s the only thing they need to improve.

Most ‘Scopers also take the videos and put them on other places like a WordPress website or YouTube channel. Sideways video would look way better so hopefully that will happen soon.

YouTube Hangouts

This is the old guy on the block who first came out with the Google+ social network. Today it is a standalone YouTube product and can be easily accessed from your YouTube dashboard or the upload screen.

A YouTube Hangout is the same thing as a YouTube video except you are shooting it live. Viewers can watch from a special Hangouts page or your channel if you have the video publicly available.

Comments, shares, and likes can all happen in real time for interaction with viewers. A YouTube Hangout is recorded and available for viewing on your channel after the video processes.

One word of caution: There is a 34 second delay from when you talk until the viewers hear that part. It’s good to remember if you are asking the audience questions and wonder why they are not responding fast enough.

You probably want to know how to use these live video platforms for cannabis marketing, right?

Live Video Streaming for Cannabis Marketing Ideas

1. Showcase new products, strains, or accessories.
2. Interview with customers about why they shop with you.
3. Invite a referral partner on the show to edify and help grow their business.
4. Ask the budtender / glass guy / etc show: Questions from the community.
5. Bring on an expert on a topic your clients will appreciate.
6. Local event pre-coverage and post-coverage.
7. Live stream from the store showing the experience to future customers.

These are only a few ideas on using live video streaming for cannabis marketing and we would love to hear yours.

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Nicholaus Carpenter is the founder of Sales Clubhouse and known as one of the most sought after marketing consultants for local professionals and small business owners who want to use social media and technology to get more inbound customers. He also sits on the Board of Directors for Team Alexis.



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