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Smart phone app leads to bust

An anonymous tip on the iWatchHarrisCounty smart phone app has led to two arrests in connection with a northwest Harris County grow house, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The app, set up by the Harris County Sheriff’s Department, is designed to allow people to report suspicious activity.

The actions that led up to the event are unclear, but officers obtained a warrant to search a house on Glenn Cliff in Houston.

They first pulled over a person leaving the home and arrested them for possession of cannabis. Then as they were about to raid the home, Maurice O. Jackson, who lives at the residence attempted to drive away from it, but was stopped and arrested.

Once inside, deputies found a pound of cannabis, 13 plants and growing equipment for a hydroponic setup.

A statement by Sheriff Adrian Garcia in a press release said “This is exactly one of the scenarios we envisioned when we launched the free crime-fighting app for smart phones. In non-emergency situations, the public should share its suspicions about illegal activity with us. We’ll take it from there.”

By: Stephen Carter
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