College Station

Dale Mantey is a Democrat running for U.S. Congressional District 17.

A candidate for United States Congress in central Texas isn’t shying away from the issue of changing marijuana laws. Dale Mantey, who seeks to unseat incumbent Rep. Bill Flores in District 17, has made some of the boldest statements yet regarding the nation’s marijuana policies.

Cannabis is an industry unlike any other. Capable of providing life-saving medicine, sustainable fuel alternatives, safer pain management, cannabis is more than just a commodity, or “drug” it is a way of life for some and a saving grace for others. For these reasons, a group of law students along

Two Texas A&M football players were arrested over the weekend after they and two other teammates were found parked illegally in a handicap spot with marijuana in the vehicle.

Texas A&M linebacker Darian Claiborne has been arrested after stashing marijuana and prescription pills in a giant Hershey’s Kiss ornament inside of a friend’s car. The 19-year-old football standout was riding in the passenger seat of a friend’s vehicle when they were pulled over for not having front plates. A

How stupid can you be? This guy is in the running for first place. When a College Station teen walked into the police department asking for help with removing a handcuff he had accidentally put on, police went ahead and put the other cuff on him. Michael Logan Brown, 19,

A Texas A&M football player has turned himself in after being charged with possession of marijuana and prescription pills. Kenneth Marshall, a freshman defensive back who redshirted in 2012, has been suspended from all athletic activities in connection with his arrest according to Alan Cannon, associate athletic director for media

A man out of College Station, Texas claiming to have been adopted by Michelle Obama was arrested after he asked a teller at a Chase bank branch in Bryan to give him access to her bank account.

According to the College Station Police Department, two teens have been arrested on drug charges after they pocket-dialed 911.