District Attorney

Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon has criticized neighboring Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg for her decision to implement a program which would keep those found with small amounts of marijuana both out of jail and clean of a criminal record.

Susan Hawk, former Dallas District Attorney

After spending an extensive amount of time in rehab, Dallas District Attorney Susan Hawk has resigned. Hawk was well known for her mental instability and crackdown on prosecutors making plea deals with marijuana offenders.

Susan Hawk, former Dallas District Attorney

The Dallas District Attorney isn’t happy that her prosecutors are making deals with marijuana offenders, and it could be because it is cutting into her budget.

Dear Mr. Breen, I’m writing in response to you going full prohibitionist in a recent letter to the Victoria Advocate. You may not know this, sir, but you’ve done those of us in the pro-cannabis camp a favor. It’s tough to find an opposing voice in this debate.

Jeremy Bourque, an epilepsy patient in Texas, was raided for growing three marijuana plants last year. A recent pre-trial diversion deal that was offered to him which allowed him to continue consuming marijuana in a medicinal capacity has been rescinded.

No matter who wins this November, a change in marijuana policy at the Houston-based district attorney’s office is almost certain. With two candidates squaring off for the Harris County position, both females, the incumbent a Republican, each has announced their interest in taking a step towards changing how low level