Greg Abbott

A petition for military veterans has been launched in support of marijuana law reform that is being aimed in particular at Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

As Texas governor Greg Abbott signed a very limited medical marijuana bill into law today which legalizes the production of a single compound of the cannabis plant, CBD, for epilepsy patients, he also made it clear that Texans should not expect marijuana laws to change while he is governor.

Texas governor Greg Abbott stated earlier this week that lawmakers would not approve legislation that would legalize marijuana.Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018 While he did not give his personal views on the issue, or whether or not he would veto such a bill if it were to

After likely weighing her position on the subject of marijuana and coming to a policy position without much education, Texas Democratic candidate for governor Wendy Davis has finally made an announcement on where she stands with cannabis.

Without having even made it through the primaries, we are pretty certain of who our Texas gubernatorial candidates will be, but what we aren’t certain of are their stances on marijuana. With major press coverage of the issue and a majority of Texans supporting legalization of marijuana and a super