Carl’s Corner has been raided by Hill County sheriff’s deputies and U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents for a major cannabis growing operation.

A marijuana plant was found growing in front of a Temple apartment complex and had been growing so long that it reached three feet tall before residents called police about it.

Sure to be the biggest story of irony this year, the actor from Texas who played McGruff the Crime Dog has been sentenced to a hefty stint in prison for growing marijuana, among other things.

Waco police arrested a 21-year-old man after searching his apartment and finding a hydroponic marijuana growing operation Wednesday night.

A married couple in Anna, Texas have been arrested on charges of growing and selling marijuana out of their somewhat upscale home. The news coverage of the situation is full of fear mongering and includes a punny quote from the police who stated “it was very advanced,” and “we have

Five McKinney men have pleaded guilty to an array of federal charges related to a combination foreclosure rescue and a marijuana distribution scheme.

Law enforcement officials are finding more and more major marijuana growing operations in Texas lately. A bust of about 20,000 plants in Conroe, a town 30 miles north of Houston, is slightly larger than the 18,000 they found in Central Texas earlier this year. Another 3,500 was confiscated in Washington

Two men have been arrested in Texas after police found an estimated $1.4 million worth of marijuana growing in a Navasota home.