Karli Duran

Four Texas women met in Waco to participate in a panel to share their personal and political stories concerning their involvement in the cannabis movement.

There is always someone in greater need than ourselves, and there are always community services that our city San Antonio needs which our foundation of supporters can assist with from time to time.  We’re making all possible efforts to work with other local non-profit organizations to volunteer hours of time

Waco was kickin’ Saturday night as locals and people from across the state turned out to listen to live music and be amongst like-minded people at the NORML of Waco fourth anniversary party.

San Antonio NORML founder and executive director Karli Duran was recently in Waco to meet with NORML of Waco Inc. executive director Clif Deuvall and sign a copy of the June edition of High Times’ Freedom Fighter article, which will be displayed at Gilligan’s Smoke n Stuff.