For the third year in a row Texans will gather in Dallas to march for marijuana reform.

Texans rallying on the Tarrant County Courthouse steps during the 2016 Global Marijuana March in Fort Worth.

Around 1,600 people took part in the Global Marijuana March throughout 7 cities, a sharp downturn from 2015.

For nearly a decade, thousands of Texans have sought to make it clear to state legislators that reforming marijuana laws for the better is inevitable and they have done this by marching on the state capitol building in Austin. With a form of cannabis now legal in Texas and lawmakers

The following is a list of all known marijuana related events happening in Texas for the month of May 2016.

Texas Senator Donna Campbell

A Texas senator, who also is a physician, says she needs more than anecdotal evidence that medical marijuana works.

For the second year in a row, Texans flooded the streets of Dallas to support changing marijuana laws today. However the event struck a very different chord from the previous year.

El Paso will be experiencing a marijuana protest rally this weekend. Dubbing it a “March for Reefer Madness” organizers are expecting around 150 people to show up and join in on a rally to support marijuana penalty reductions and full legalization in Texas.

The following is a list of all known cannabis related events happening in Texas for the month of March, 2015. Check back as this list will be updated as more events become available. A full list of events for the year can be found at and coverage of various

Ask anyone who attended NORML of Waco‘s Texas Trash Off event, and they’ll tell you that it was a great success.

Activists from around the Killeen area came out to Taquerias Mexico for the first ever NORML Alliance meeting to discuss marijuana policy in Texas this past Wednesday.

Dating back to 1999, groups around the world have marched in solidarity to support marijuana legalization and remember those who have been harmed by the war on cannabis. For several years now, marches have taken place in both Fort Worth and Austin, put on by DFW NORML and Texas NORML.

News 4 out of San Antonio will be hosting a town hall meeting at the Texas A&M San Antonio campus on the topic of marijuana legalization.