People from around the west Texas area came together on Saturday, Aug. 9 to protest and sign wave in Odessa to support reforming marijuana laws.

On what felt like the first real day of a Texas summer after experiencing a July of highs in the 80s, people from all around Midland and Ector counties gathered at Homemade Wines in Odessa for something that’s never been heard of before in the area, a meeting of people

As many as six women have come forward saying that an Odessa police officer detained them and then groped their breasts. The allegations began to surface after a woman who was arrested for having a joint in her pocket reported the groping.

A report out of Midland is raising the alarm over students using E-cig vaporizer pens to consume marijuana while at school.Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018 Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter says that they are finding that students are using these vaporizers in class covertly, saying that it