Texas Marijuana Policy Advocacy Workshops — January 2018 Federal officials say they have discovered a large marijuana growing operation near the town of Raymondville, located 50 miles from the Mexico border. Found in a remote area surrounded by mesquite trees, the two acre operation was home to about about 11,500

After months of investigation, authorities raided a five acre marijuana growing operation in Sugar Land near the regional airport. Two suspects were seen before they ran away. Police say they pointed a pellet gun at them. Officials say that the operation is worth several millions, but didn’t go into further

For the second time within a month, authorities in Polk County, Texas are uprooting a large scale marijuana growing operation.

Carl’s Corner has been raided by Hill County sheriff’s deputies and U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents for a major cannabis growing operation.

A Burleson County sheriff’s deputy leading a dawn, no-knock drug raid was shot and killed by the homeowner last Thursday. Sgt. Adam Sowders becomes the 40th person to die in US domestic drug law enforcement operations so far this year. Although Sowders was killed early last Thursday morning, we delayed

Shelby County authorities have found a 100 acre field of marijuana plants which they estimate to be worth about $1 million dollars. Since the discovery on Monday, officers have been busy pulling up the plants and filling trailers as they prepare to burn them. The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office initially

Deputies discovered more than 13,000 marijuana plants at a growing operation just northeast of Sealy last week in Austin County. The crop is estimated to be worth $1.5 million.

Law enforcement officials are finding more and more major marijuana growing operations in Texas lately. A bust of about 20,000 plants in Conroe, a town 30 miles north of Houston, is slightly larger than the 18,000 they found in Central Texas earlier this year. Another 3,500 was confiscated in Washington

A group of hunters who were headed out to set up deer blinds in Madison County stumbled upon a very large grow operation, 18,400 cannabis plants to be exact.

Washington County Sheriff’s Department recently found about 3,500 cannabis plants in a rural area. They estimate the value of the plants at about $5.25 million.