For the third year in a row Texans will gather in Dallas to march for marijuana reform.

Corpus Christi City Hall

Corpus Christi will consider enacting a state cite and release law for marijuana offenders at an upcoming city council meeting.

Each month 100-120 people are arrested for marijuana in Dallas. The city is now considering making use of a cite and release law passed by state legislators in 2007.

Police are anxious to return some marijuana to its rightful owner after someone noticed three baggies of cannabis near their home in Copperas Cove and alerted police about its presence.

A San Antonio police officer was caught on video putting a 16-year-old kid in a choke-hold for over two minutes and bloodying his face after the teen was allegedly caught with a joint.

A Texas woman reportedly called police last week over a bad bag of pot from her dealer.

As many as six women have come forward saying that an Odessa police officer detained them and then groped their breasts. The allegations began to surface after a woman who was arrested for having a joint in her pocket reported the groping.

Texas Christian University wide received LaDarius Brown has been kicked off the Horned Frogs football team after being arrested and charged for possession of marijuana. Brown was pulled over and arrested after police found about two ounces of marijuana.

A marijuana plant was found growing in front of a Temple apartment complex and had been growing so long that it reached three feet tall before residents called police about it.

Waco police arrested a 21-year-old man after searching his apartment and finding a hydroponic marijuana growing operation Wednesday night.

For any of you aspiring dealers out there, advertising your goods on Craigslist is a dumb idea.

How stupid can you be? This guy is in the running for first place. When a College Station teen walked into the police department asking for help with removing a handcuff he had accidentally put on, police went ahead and put the other cuff on him. Michael Logan Brown, 19,

Three more people were arrested last Friday in connection to an initial raid on a Baylor marijuana distribution operation several months back. Seemingly led by McGregor Police Department’s Detective Joe Coy, who has been involved in every raid so far, all outside of McGregor, the investigation has led to the

It’s 5:30 in the morning, you’re sound asleep. Suddenly, explosions rock your house and you can hear your kids screaming down the hall. You have no idea what’s happening, but you’re up and running to see if your children are in danger. As you run out of your bedroom and